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You should not allow worry about potential costs to deter you from obtaining professional advice.

You can arrange an initial, no obligation consultation to discuss your case, where the likely costs will be explained. We will tell you how much we charge for the various aspects of our work in a clear and straightforward way.

How much legal services cost will depend on many different factors. Some cases settle very quickly, others become more complicated and protracted. We will let you know if a change in circumstances means the likely costs will change.

We aim to ensure that clients resolve their difficulties without depleting the family resources with a costly legal battle.

We will send you a bill every month to prevent costs mounting up and to ensure that you are aware of what your costs are as your case proceeds. When you receive your monthly bill, you will also receive a breakdown of the costs for that month.

Given our degree of specialism and experience we consider our hourly fees very competitive compared with other city centre family law specialists.

Before we instruct an expert, e.g. a valuer, accountant or a barrister, we will obtain quotes for their services and agree their fees with you in advance of instructing them.

In certain circumstances we can offer a fixed fee arrangement. The services included in this scheme are:

  • Divorce (either Petitioner or Respondent provided the proceedings are undefended);
  • Dissolution of civil partnership (either Petitioner or Respondent provided the proceedings are undefended);
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements (where the assets are under £350,000);
  • Separation and cohabitation agreements;
  • Drafting a financial consent order following agreement.

If you are concerned about the costs of legal representation, contact us today for an initial assessment (free by telephone) and we will explain your options.

I would just like to say that I was very impressed, lovely secretary, good service and excellent high standards.

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