Child Maintenance Solicitors Manchester

We are specialist child maintenance solicitors in Manchester city centre. There are four options available to determine how care for the children will be funded:

  • Private agreement between the parents. Our child maintenance solicitors can assist you with negotiations with the other parent, which could form part of a separation agreement.
  • Legal agreement, which is a private agreement negotiated by the parties and drafted by your child maintenance solicitor that is endorsed by the court (in divorce or dissolution proceedings only).
  • Application to the Child Maintenance Service. Child maintenance solicitors cannot do this for you: you will need to contact the CSA directly.
  • Application to the Court for a maintenance order (in divorce or dissolution proceedings only). This is available only in very limited circumstances (for example to fund school fees).
Our child maintenance solicitors can advise the best option for you, which will depend on your circumstances. Contact us at our Manchester or Cheadle offices for help and advice.

Thank you very much for all your support and guidance with my recent divorce - you were fantastic!

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