Divorce & Dissolution

About our Fixed Fee Divorce

As part of our commitment to open and up-front pricing, we provide a fixed-fee for all divorces where both parties cooperate.

Our fixed-price divorce does not apply where:

  • The divorce is contested / defended
  • You or your spouse are not resident in England & Wales

Fees for Petitioners

If you are the "Petitioner" (you are the one initiating the divorce proceedings):

Our fees:500.00
Court fees:550.00
Payment Plan:
  • When you instruct us: 300
  • Before sending Petition to the court: 550
  • Before applying for the Decree Nisi: 300

Fees for Respondents

If you are the "Respondent" (your spouse or civil partner is issuing the proceedings):

Our fees:250.00
Payment Plan:
  • When you instruct us: 300

Important Information

Our fixed price divorce includes:

  • An initial interview of up to an hour
  • Letting you know what information we need
  • Preparing all the forms and other documentation
  • Corresponding with the court
  • Corresponding with your spouse/civil partner or their solicitor
  • Handling your divorce only up to and until the decree absolute is made (or when the conditional order is made final)

Our fixed-price divorce does not include:

  • Advising or representing you in relation to disputes over children or finances
  • Amending divorce papers after they have been submitted to the court
  • Representing you in disputes about costs or enforcing costs orders

Additional costs that may apply:

  • If you do not have your marriage certificate, the cost of a duplicate
  • If your spouse or civil partner does not cooperate and it is necessary to instruct a third party to personally serve the divorce petition on them, there will be a charge for this.
  • If your spouse or civil partner cannot be served with the divorce petition, we will charge an additional £100 plus VAT for applying to the court to allow us to serve the petition by other means or to allow the divorce to go ahead without service. The court will charge £45 for this application.
  • The amount you have to pay might vary if the government changes court fees or the rate of VAT.

Getting Started

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You can visit our offices in Manchester or Cheadle for an appointment to discuss your case. Our initial interview costs £75 plus VAT.

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