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Post-Nuptial Agreements

We aim to minimise the pain of divorce and separation and the emotional and financial costs.

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Post-Nuptial Agreements Solicitors South Manchester & Cheshire

As solicitors specialising in matrimonial finances we are often instructed by married couples to draft post-nuptial agreements so that in the event of separation and divorce they know how their financial assets will be divided ad what their financial obligations to each other are.
Post-nuptial agreements contain a provision that in the event of divorce the parties will agree to a financial consent order to incorporate the terms of the agreement.

Who needs a post-nuptial agreement?

    Couples who have signed a pre-nuptial agreement shortly before marriage and want to re-enforce the terms of the agreement.
    Couples who have separated and plan to or have reconciled and want to agree the division of their finances in the event that the reconciliation is not successful. 
    Change of circumstances e.g. one of the parties has received a substantial inheritance since the date of the marriage.

What provisions should be made in the agreement with regard to the following in the event of a divorce:

    The matrimonial home
    Gifts and inheritances
    Family businesses
    Child arrangements

Are post-nuptial agreements legally binding?

A post-nuptial agreement is not legally binding; however, it is more likely to be upheld because it is signed after the wedding.


How much does a post-nuptial agreement cost?

Our fees are £1200 plus VAT on the basis that the terms of the agreement are agreed and the assets are under £1 million.
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