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Initial Advice Terms and Conditions

Initial consultation terms and conditions

1. The intial consultation is offered to prospective clients as a means of sampling the level and quality of Taylor King service. It is not an instruction to act and it is not a substitute for legal representation.
2. The free telephone consultation will be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes. The face-to-face consultation will be limited to a maximum of 60-minutes.
3. The face-to-face consultation attracts a fee as advertised on our website at the time you book the consultation.
4. The consultation must be applied for through the application form on the Taylor King website.
5. Taylor King reserves the right to refuse to offer an initial consultation to any person at any time without reason and, in particular, where we consider the consultation will not result in an instruction or where information is missing from the application. The firm's decision is final.
6. Any advice given during a telephone consultation is based solely on the information you have given us on the telephone or on the application form. We will never be in a position during a telephone consultation to be fully aware of your circumstances. As such, you should not rely on any advice given during the telephone consultation. You should only rely on legal advice given to you by a solicitor whom you have officially instructed.
7. We are required to check our records every time we receive a request for advice for a conflicting interest (e.g. if we have acted or currently act for the person you are in a dispute with). If there is a conflict of interests, we will not be able to advise you and may not be able to tell you why. For the purposes of future checks, you are agree that we can keep your information for up to 6 years.
8. Personal data collected through our application form or over the telephone will be held in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Dara Protection Act 1998. We promise not to disclose your data to any third party without your consent. Secure connections cannot be guaranteed over the internet, and we do not accept responsibility for breaches of confidentiality caused by others monitoring these connections. You are responsible for keeping your own data secure by using a private computer and appropriately clearing history, cache and other data stored by your web browser or email software.
9. If you decide not to instruct Taylor King, any data not required for the purposes of clause 7 will be destroyed 3 months following the consultation.