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Judicial Separation

We aim to minimise the pain of divorce and separation and the emotional and financial costs.

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Judicial Separation Solicitors South Manchester & Cheshire

What is judicial separation?

This is a formal separation which is sanctioned by the court. It is the same procedure as a divorce, however, it does not bring the marriage to an end.


Why issue judicial separation proceedings rather than divorce?

Couples issue judicial separation proceedings because they have religious or other reasons for not wanting a divorce. Some issue proceedings for financial reasons because they have not been married for 12 months. 

What is the difference between judicial separation and divorce?

    Judicial separation proceedings can be issued at any time, and the parties do not have to wait for 12 months and one day from the date of the marriage ceremony.
    The parties do not have to prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, they simply have to rely on the five facts e.g. unreasonable behaviour.
    There is only one decree of judicial separation.
    From the making of judicial separation, the parties still remain married and they are not entitled to re-marry.
    The parties can apply for a financial order but not a pension sharing order, because the marriage has not been brought to an end.

We have acted on behalf of many clients who have chosen to issue judicial separation proceedings rather than divorce proceedings. 

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