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One of the most emotive issues following separation and the breakdown of the marriage is deciding what will happen with the children.

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We can advise you of:

    Residence and contact / where the children live and arrangements for the non-resident parent to spend time with them.
    Specific issues regarding the education of the children, religion, medical treatment and other matters concerning the upbringing of the children.
    Applications to remove the children permanently from the jurisdiction of England and Wales and internal relocations within the UK.
    Child maintenance in circumstances where the child maintenance service is not applicable.
    We do not deal with issues in relation to child care orders and social services.

Family Mediation

We encourage parents to work together to reach an agreement. If that is not possible, we refer parents to family mediators to assist them and support them during the mediation process and negotiate with the other side to try and reach an agreement.
Family mediation is a process whereby an independent professionally trained mediator helps you and your spouse try and resolve issues relating to children.
Family mediation can assist parents because:

    It is less stressful.
    It gives you the opportunity to put forward your proposals in a neutral environment.
    It can improve communication between parents.
    It gives you control over the decisions about your children.
    It is quicker and cheaper than court proceedings.

However, if this is not possible, then we can guide parents through the court process to ensure that arrangements can be made in the best interests of their children.


What is a Child Arrangement Order?

This is an order which specifies where the child will live, and with whom the child will have contact.
This can include supervised contact, overnight contact, and indirect contact.

Factors which the court take into account on making a Child Arrangement Order

The primary concern of the court is the welfare of the child. This may involve obtaining the advice and reports of professionals including child psychologists to assist the court in their decision.
The court takes into account:

    The wishes and opinions of the children.
    Their emotional, physical and educational needs.
    Their age, sex, background and other relevant characteristics.
    Whether or not the children have been subject to abuse or neglect.
    If the parents are capable of catering to the needs of their children.
    The likely effects on the children if the circumstances change as a result of the court’s decision.

Terms that can be included in a Child Arrangement Order

    Where the children will live.
    How much time they will spend with the applicant parent.
    The nature of indirect contact e.g. emails, texts, facetime, social media.
    Arrangements for holidays and special occasions.
    Drop off and collection venues.

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