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Separation Agreement

We aim to minimise the pain of divorce and separation and the emotional and financial costs.

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Separation Agreement Solicitors South Manchester & Cheshire

When parties separate, they do not necessarily want to rush into issuing divorce proceedings. However, they may want to enter into a separation agreement that sets out the financial arrangements they have made.

What is a separation agreement?

It is a written agreement entered into by couples who do not want to divorce or dissolve their civil partnership. 

What does the separation agreement cover?

    The parties agree to live separate and apart.
    Occupation of the matrimonial home and payment of the mortgage and other household bills.
    Maintenance and child support.

What are the advantages of a separation agreement?

    The agreement is a formal document which sets out the financial agreement of the parties.
    It gives the parties time to reflect before the issue of divorce proceedings.

Is a separation agreement legally binding?

A separation agreement is not legally binding in the event of divorce or dissolution. However, the existence of the agreement is one of the factors the court will take into account when it makes a financial order in the divorce/dissolution proceedings.

What factors do the court take into account when considering a separation agreement?

    Was any pressure placed upon either party to sign the agreement.
    Was there full financial disclosure.
    Did both parties have the benefit of independent legal advice.
    Have the circumstances changed since the agreement was signed.
    Does the agreement meet the parties needs.
    Is it a fair agreement.
    Does it adversely affect the interests of the children.

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